Photography & Videography Policies


The library is cognizant of the historical and artistic nature of the formal Plaza Hotel structure, in 
particular the lobby area of the first floor. Individuals and professional photographers are 
encouraged to record this part of the community’s heritage. There are no restrictions or fees for 
the use of these images, however identifying the images as the Piqua Public Library shall be 

Photographic or other audio/visual sessions in the library that will impede patron use of the 
facility and/or take over thirty minutes during regularly scheduled library hours must be 
approved at least 2 weeks in advance by the Library Director. No sessions will be held before the 
library opens or after it closes nor will they be allowed to exceed the approved thirty-minute

Additionally, the library may be decorated for various events and/or holidays. These decorations 
will not be taken down or removed for a session, nor are the library furniture or displays to be
rearranged or moved.

It is required that noise levels during a session shall be kept at a reasonable level. Maintaining 
appropriate behavior is the direct responsibility of the individual who was approved for the 
session. Any behavior that violates the library’s Patron Code of Conduct can result in the session 
being cancelled immediately.

Completion and submission of the form below shall be conducted at least one month before any 
requested session date to the Library Administration Department. The library reserves all rights 
to decline approval of any requested photo session. We recommend the library calendar be
consulted prior to requests to ensure the session does not coincide with a library program as no 
approvals will be given for those dates and times. Completed form with proper signatures must 
be brought to the session and presented to the library staff or it cannot take place.

Please see our Hours and Closings page for the most accurate information to plan.




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