The second (B) Piqua Historical Society Collection Additional was accessioned into the Flesh Public Library Archives and Special Collections in October 2007 as a donation for Mrs. Steven (Jan) Koon.  The collection consists of documents from the organization of the society in 1975 and the period when Mrs. Koon served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Piqua Historical Museum and as a member of the Piqua Historical Society.


The collection contains sample constitutions from other historical societies, early drafts and revisions of the constitution for the Piqua Historical Society.   It also contains several copies of the finished constitution and the Articles of Incorporation.  Finally, it contains records of some of the early activities of the society.  The collection covers the years 1971-1977.


The collection is housed in one Hollinger box containing 23 files.  There are no know restrictions on the use of these materials.




The Piqua Historical Society Collection Additional – B is divided into the following four series:


SERIES I:   Constitution and Organization of the Piqua Historical Society

Files one through three including sample copies of constitutions from other historical societies, drafts of the constitution, finished copies of articles one through three of the constitution and the Articles of Incorporation.


SERIES II:   Piqua Historical Museum

Files four through twelve including treasurer’s reports, artifacts moved to the museum, requests from/to the Board of Directors, a renovation plan for 509 North Main Street, and other documents related to the museum and its Board of Directors.


SERIES III:   Activities of the Piqua Historical Society and the Piqua Historical Museum

Files thirteen through twenty including requests to visit and tours of the museum, a 1975 tour of historic homes, museum brochures and other documents relating to museum and society activities.


SERIES IV:   Miscellaneous

Files twenty-one through twenty-three including materials on the Council of Rural Service Manpower Program, a Butler County Historical Society Museum Newsletter, and “Fryingpans West”, a cookbook which the museum and society ordered for resale.


Box inventory

Box 1



                                      PIQUA HISTORICAL SOCIETY


File    1        Draft and working notes for a Constitution of the Piqua

                             Historical Society.  This constitution was based on the

                             Constitution of the Butler County Historical Society

                             which is included in this file.  Also included is the

                             Constitution of the Clark County Historical Society.


File    2        Copies of the first two pages of the finished Constitution of the

                             Piqua Historical Society containing Article I: Name,

                             Article II: Objective and Article III: Membership. (4



File    3        Proceedings of the Incorporators and Articles of Incorporation

                             (two copies of this document)




File    4        Piqua Historical Museum Treasurer’s Reports for the periods:

                                      6 March-29 July 1975

                                      29 July-8 September 1975

                                      8 September 1975-16 January 1976

                             Also there is a receipt for $20.00 for the sale of ten

                             bronze coins.


File    5        List of materials and artifacts moved from storage in the City

                             Building and placed in a small room on the second floor

                             of the old Board of Education office at 509 North Main

                             Street.  This move took place on 16 August 1971.


File    6        Donation of a Bacon and Egg Skillet made in the 1920’s by

                             Favorite Stove & Range Company.  Skillet donated by

                             John M. Touchman, 21 August 1975.


File    7        Name, address, and telephone number of the Board of Directors

                             of the Piqua Historical Museum – 1974-1975


File    8        A request from the Museum Board of Directors to the Board of

                             Education requesting that the Board of Education vacate

                             the back of 509 North Main Street [Schmidlapp

                             Building].    19 April 1977


File    9        Request by the Museum Board of Directors to borrow a horse

                             drawn milk wagon from the Clark County Historical                                     Society and the reply.


File    10      Proposed plans for the renovation of 509 North Main Street for

                             use as a museum.


File    11      Recommendations by Capt. Don Locker, Bureau of Fire

                             Prevention, for additional fire protection for the museum.


File    12      Letters of resignation from the Museum Board of Directors

                             received from Doris S. Perry, James F. Wisecup, and

                             Mary Hughes.



                                      SOCIETY AND THE PIQUA HISTORICAL



File    13      Request by Bellefontaine Senior Citizens Organization to tour

                             the museum.   31 March 1976


File    14      Donations to Piqua Historical Society from Joyce Murray

                             through Wally White


File    15      Piqua Historical Society, Inc.; Piqua Historical Museum – 11

                             March 1976 – A survey of members to determine the best

                             time for meetings


File    16      Tour of Historic Homes, 1975 – sponsored by the Piqua

                             Historical Society and led by Jim Oda.  This is a list of

                             the homes to be toured, their significance, and a map of

                             the route.


File    17      Newspaper clippings from 1975-76 concerning the Piqua

                             Historical Society and Museum.


File    18      Newspaper clippings, a photo, and a top hat.  The hat belonged

                             to Albert McKnight and the clippings and photo are

                             about him.  The top hat is located at the Piqua Historical

                             Museum.   These items were donated by Melvin Payne of

                             Yorkshire, Ohio.


File    19      Thank you letters to Mrs. Hughes from elementary students in

                             Covington, Ohio.  Mrs. Hughes presented a program to

                             the students at their school with artifacts from the Piqua

                             Historical Museum.  Forty letters


File    20      Piqua Historical Museum: A Trip Back In Time – a museum

                             brochure – eight copies




File    21      Council on Rural Service Programs: Youth Manpower Program

                             Supervisor’s Handbook, Participant Complaint

                             Procedure, Enrollee Performance Evaluation and Job

                             Outline Work Sheet.  These materials are for individuals

                             or groups wishing to hire help under the Youth

                             Manpower Program.


File    22      Butler County Historical Society Museum Newsletter


File    23      Fryingpans West – Cookbook order form.  From the notation on

                             the order form it is apparent that the society or museum

                             ordered ten of these cookbooks for resale.