MS-182, the Piqua Hotel Paper and Print Artifacts Collection, contains objects that were found in the Hotel Plaza-Favorite- Fort Piqua Hotel.  These print and paper artifacts were found during the renovation of 2007-8 prior to the move of the Flesh Public Library.  The library was previously located at 124 West Greene Street.  In October 2008 the Flesh Public Library moved into the hotel to become the Piqua Public Library.


The paper and print artifacts found during the renovation include hotel menus, pictures and post cards, newspapers, books, hotel letterhead and notes, advertisements, gambling sheets, transportation and communication information and schedules, and small objects such as playing cards and milk bottle caps.  Most of the objects in the collection are in very poor condition, and should be handled only when wearing gloves.


For a history of the Plaza-Favorite Hotel refer to Hotel Plaza: A Poem in Stone, 1891-1991 by James C. Oda.




MS-182, the Piqua Hotel Paper and Print Artifacts Collection, is divided into 9 series.  It contains 30 file folders housed in one box.


SERIES 1.  Menus and Recipes


SERIES 2.  Pictures and Postcards


SERIES 3.  Newspapers and Books


SERIES 4.  Stationery: hotel letterhead and envelopes


SERIES 5.  Correspondence


SERIES 6.  Advertisements


SERIES 7.  Transportation and Communication


SERIES 8.  Gambling Sheets


SERIES 9.  Small Artifacts




Box 1

Series 1-Menus and Recipes


            File 1.  Recipes-N.D.

            File 2.  Menus: 1911-1924

            File 3.  Lunch Counter-O.P.S. ceiling prices, c. 1943


Series 2-Pictures and Post Cards


            File 4.  Postcards:

1-“A Typical California Residence”-1918

2.  Post card in German addressed to Bliss Armstrong, Cigar Stand, Favorite Hotel, c. 1950

3.  Black & White photograph of unidentified man-N.D.

            File 5  Black & White drawing of Hotel Plaza-1891

            File 6.  Unidentified dog-N.D.


Series 3-Newspapers and Books


            File 7.  “Hustle and Bustle” by James Oda, 1988

            File 8.  “Ritual of the Order of Americus”-1904

            File 9.  Port Clinton Herald-September 30, 1949

            File 10. Toledo Blade-October 1, 1949

            File 11. Piqua Daily Call-January 2, 1931

            File 12.  Pieces of unidentified newspapers-N.D.


Series 4-Stationery: hotel letterhead and envelopes


            File 13. Favorite Hotel: 1916-24


Series 5-Correspondence


            File 14. W.T. Hart Co., Piqua, Ohio-invitation to view “Exhibit of Smart Style”-1916

            File 15. Envelopes (2) addressed to Piqua, Ohio: no letters, 1912-1916

            File 16-Various cards/envelopes from outside Piqua, Ohio-N.D.


Series 6-Advertising


            File 17. Various Advertisements-c. 1905

            File 18. Various Advertisements 2-c. 1922

            File 19. Various Advertisements 3-c. 1918

            File 20. Various Advertisements 4-N.D.


Series 7-Transportation and Communication


            File 21. Various Communications Media:

1.  Western Union telegram envelope-N.D.

2.  Favorite Hotel telephone directions card-N.D.

3.  Crowell Publications (magazines) -1919


            File 22.  Various railroad communications-c. 1928

            File 23.  City of Piqua fire alarm boxes-N.D.

            File 24.  Buckeye Special Transit Co.-special trips by motor bus-N.D.


Series 8-Gambling Sheets


            File 25.  Horse Racing betting sheets-N.D.

            File 26.  N.F.L. betting sheets –c. 1990’s (found in Z’s)


Series 9-Small Artifacts


            File 27.  Milk bottle caps (3); playing cards (4); playing cards package-N.D.

            File 28.  Hotel Favorite Cigar Stand: money belt-E. L. Wegley-N.D.

            File 29.  Nougatines and Schinasi Brothers Natural Egyptian Cigarettes packages-N.D.

            File 30.  Miscellaneous small paper artifacts, 1925-56