The Charles Black Piqua Baptist Church History Collection was accessioned into the Piqua Public Library Archives and Special Collections by the Estate of Charles Black on May 19, 2016.  Mr. Black was the recognized historian of the Piqua Baptist Church, Chairman of the Building Council which oversaw the construction of the Piqua Baptist Church building at 1402 West High Street and he was the chairman of the committee that put together the 2011 Bicentennial of Baptists in Piqua and the Centennial of Piqua Baptist Church.  The documents in this collection contain Charles Black’s personal collection of photographs, booklets, working papers and other materials relating to his activities mentioned above.  The collection is housed in a single Gaylord 1215 box containing 84 files.  The ownership of these materials has been transferred to the Piqua Public Library and there is no known restrictions on their use.  This collection was processed by Gary D. Meek in July 2016.




The Charles Black Piqua Baptist Church History Collection is divided into the following seven series:


SERIES I:       Photographs – Files 1-19

SERIES II:      Piqua Baptist Church Histories – Files 20-34

SERIES III:    Piqua Baptist Church fund raising and Building Council Committees for the construction of a church at 1402 West High Street, Piqua, Ohio – Files 35-37

SERIES IV:    Piqua Baptist Church Bicentennial Celebration – Files 38-44

SERIES V:      Piqua Baptist Church Bulletins and Brochures – Files 45-61

SERIES VI:    Charles and Belva Black Personal Papers and Documents – Files 62-68

SERIES VII:   Miscellaneous – Files 69-84




SERIES I:  Photographs





          1        Charles Hilliard House – 415 Staunton Street, Piqua – site of the first meeting of Baptists in Piqua in 1811 – 8 x 10 black/white photograph – this is a copy of a photograph taken c. 1930.

          2        Nine photographs of the Charles Hilliard House – 415 Staunton Street, Piqua, Ohio.  These photographs were taken March 16, 2011 and were taken from varying angles.

          3        Five photographs of Garbry Cemetery No. 2 located on Union-Shelby Road between Suber Road and U.S. Route 36 – this was the location of the Salem Baptist Church which was formed out of the meetings of Baptists at the Charles Hilliard House and was the first permanent structure of a Baptist Church  in the Piqua area.  It was a log church and was dedicated in 1820.  A separation in this church in 1830 led to the formation of the Springcreek Baptist Church and the First Baptist Church of Piqua.  The five photos were taken in the fall of 2010.

          4        Six photographs of 297 & 299 East Ash Street – the first site of the First Baptist Church of Piqua after its separation from Salem Baptist Church.  The separation occurred when the town Baptists became tired of driving out to the Spring Creek location on Sunday mornings.  The house is located on the southwest corner of East Ash and Harrison Streets.  These photos were taken March 23, 2011

          5        Six photographs of the Piqua Masonic Temple at 217 West High Street – This building was built in 1847-48 and was the second location of the First Baptist Church of Piqua, Ohio.  First Baptist remained in this building until it remerged with Calvary Baptist of Piqua in 1911 at which time the building was sold and the combined Piqua Baptist Church met in the Calvary building on West Ash Street until a new building could be completed on the northwest corner of Broadway and Greene Streets.  The Masonic Lodges had begun to occupy the building by 1923.  These photos were taken March 14, 2011.

          6        Five photographs of 616 and 618 West Ash Street.  These two houses were built after 1916.  The two lots had previously been the site of the Calvary Baptist Church from 1871 through 1911 and of the Piqua Baptist Church between 1911 and 1916 when the church moved to 500 Broadway.

          7        Carrie D. Gale – Lloyd Studio, Piqua, O. cabinet photo – 4 3/8” x 6 3/8” – according to information on the back of the photo written by John Beck:  “Died in ‘Calfi’ [California].  My Sunday school teacher at Calvary Baptist Church on Ash St. 2nd house east of Walnut St., Piqua, Ohio, 1900, John C. Beck.”  The photograph is c. 1900.

          8        Five color photographs of the exterior of the Piqua Baptist Church at 500 Broadway, Piqua.  This building served the church from 1916 to 1976.

          9        Interior and group photographs at Piqua Baptist Church, 500 Broadway, Piqua:

1. Primary Department – children and two teachers on the front steps – c. 1945

2. Children’s Sunday School class – k-2 – c. 1960

3. Children’s Sunday School class – 3-4 – c. 1960

4. Children’s Sunday School class – 5-6 – c. 1960

5. Baptismal Service at 500 Broadway – c. 1958

6. Church Choir with the director and Rev. & Mrs. Dudley Pomeroy – c. 1946 – photographed on the front steps.

7. Christmas Cantata with a children’s choir, a youth choir and an adult choir – c. 1965. – Some of the children and youth are identified.

8. Photograph of a church service in April 1966 – possibly the first Sunday Rev. George Smith was the pastor.

9. Photograph of a church dinner on the lower level of the Sunday School wing of 500 Broadway.  The photo is dated April 1966 and may have been the dinner honoring the arrival of Rev. George Smith as pastor and his family.

10-12. Photographs clipped from an old church directory.

          10      Printers’ block – etching of the photograph of Piqua Baptist Church, Broadway at Greene, Piqua, Ohio

          11      The Judson House – 428 Broadway – the Judson House contained Sunday School classrooms and was directly across Greene Street from the church on the west side.  The photo is c. 1960.

          12      Eight photographs of the 1991 demolition of the church at 500 Broadway and the resulting parking lot for St. Mary Catholic Church.

          13      Sunday School Superintendent Louis Birman shaving the mustache off of Rev. Terry McKenzie.  Rev. McKenzie agreed to this if we broke an attendance record in Sunday School.  This occurred at 500 Broadway, c. 1975 – three photos.

          14      Photographs of the Ground-breaking Ceremony for the start of construction at 1402 West High Street.  The photos are c. 1975.

[1] Choir Director Dorothy Robbins leads the assembled congregation in the singing of a hymn.

[2] Rev. Terry McKenzie with the shovel

[3] Gordon Wise

[4] Charles “Chuck” Black

[5] Rev. Terry McKenzie

[6] William “Bill” Trockenbrod

[7] Roddy Robbins

[8] Rev. Terry McKenzie assisting an elderly lady who was a charter member of the Piqua Baptist Church in 1911.

          15      Photographs of the centennial celebration of Piqua Baptist Church and the Bicentennial Celebration of Baptists in Piqua – 2011

[1] Photo of the front façade of Piqua Baptist Church, Christmas 2010

[2] Photo of the front façade of Piqua Baptist Church, March 2011

[3] Chris, Sara, Estelle Sullivan and Belva Black

[4] Rev. George Smith and Chuck Black

[5] Belva Black, Gordon Wise and Sheri Cook (Daughter of Rev. George Smith)

[6] Leann Harding, Sheri Smith Cook, Bill Harding

[7] Rev. George Smith and Chuck Black (2 copies)

[8] Gordon Wise and Chuck Black (2 copies)

[9] Rev. George Smith and daughter Sheri Cook (2 copies)

[10] Rev. George Smith

[11] The Roeth family: Allison, Sharon, Roger and Tyler; with Rev. Grover Morris, Vicki Morris and their daughter, ___ (2 photos – in one of the photos Elaine Sullenberger is in the background)

[12] The daughter of Rev. Grover Morris and Lori Hutton

[13] Paula Spade and Linda Black Weikert

          16      Photographs of Rev. Don Wells and his wife, Connie Wells

[1] Piqua Baptist Church sign, “Oil Wells In Texas, Pastor Don Wells In Piqua, Welcome!” – photo dated June 8, 1997

[2] Rev. Don and Connie Wells sitting in the congregation at a Christmas service, December 23, 2007

[3] Rev. Wells performing a baptism

[4] Rev. Don Wells portrait with books in background

[5] Rev. Don Wells seated behind is his desk in his office.

[6] Copy of a photo of Don and Connie Wells cutting the wedding cake at their wedding reception.

          17      Two photos of the Piqua Baptist Church sign at and just after New Years 2012.

          18      Mrs. Charles “Belva” Black – photo taken February 2012

          19      Four pages of a photo collage prepared for use in a Piqua Baptist Church Directory.


SERIES II: Piqua Baptist Church Histories





          20      Copy of a long document written in pencil entitled “Origine and History of 1st Baptist Church, Piqua, Ohio.”  This document was read at the Jubilee Meeting by Rev. F. A. Douglas, Pastor, October 5, 1870.

          21      A History of The Dayton Baptist Association and Member Churches, by L. E. Gayman, printed by The Montgomery Printing Company, Troy, Ohio, 1951 – inside the booklet is a photograph of the Old First Baptist Church of Piqua, Ohio where the Dayton Baptist Association war organized.  The photo shows the building with its original square tower which has since been removed.  The building is currently the Masonic Temple in Piqua at 217 West High Street.

          22      Piqua Baptist Church History, 1811-1986 – 2 copies

          23      Piqua Baptist Church, Brief History of the Church, March 19, 1916 – April 17, 1966 (2 copies)

          24      The History of Piqua Baptist Church – written to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of Piqua Baptist Church.  This document is in large measure drawn from Piqua Baptist Church History, 1811-1986, copies of which are located in File 22 above.  The document was produced in 2011.

          25      Four very brief histories of Piqua Baptist Church.  Two were written for use in 2011; one was written in 1992; and one was written in 1951

          26      Two copies of a hand written account of the creation of Piqua Baptist Church beginning with the meeting on April 26, 1911 to effect a union between 1st Baptist and Calvary Baptist Churches.  Within this document are the account of the meeting; the officers of the church in 1915; the committees of the church and the committee members; the Cradle Roll of the Piqua Baptist Sabbath School; the present membership of Piqua Baptist Church (1915) listing 347 names; and finally the contributors to the Memorial Fund in Honor and Memory.  There is a cover letter written by Charles E. (Chuck) Black, Chairman of the Building Council and dated September 24, 1979.

          27      Document dated August 26, 1914 in which twenty-four property owners pledged to secure the mortgage in the amount of $23,000 for the building of the Piqua Baptist Church at 500 Broadway, Piqua.

          28      Two copies of the program for the “Day of Dedication, Sunday, March Nineteenth” (1916).  This began two weeks of Sunday-Friday nightly meetings culminating on Sunday, April 2, 1916 with a Home Coming Day.

          29      Documents relating to the Charles Hilliard House at 415 Staunton St. which was the first home of Baptists in Piqua in 1811

          30      Timeline of events in the history of Piqua Baptist Church beginning with August 30, 1811 and ending with November 9, 1986, the 75th Anniversary Celebration.

          31      Anniversary Programs: 

[1] A photocopy of the Silver Anniversary of the Piqua Baptist Church, Broadway at Greene Street, March 16, 1941 – 25 years since the building was dedicated.

[2] Two Golden Anniversary programs, April 17, 1966 – 50 years since the building was dedicated.

          32      Locations, Ordinations, Licensure

[1] The seven locations of the First Baptists in Piqua, Ohio, Now – The Piqua Baptist Church

[2] Members Ordained to the Church Ministry:  J. Walter Poorman (May 6, 1951); Rollin Karnhem (June 6, 1971); Stewart Jamison (October 3, 1982).  Members Licensed to Preach:  Roger Stahl (January 28, 1979); Ronald Heard (March 28, 1982); Byron Shafer (July 28, 1991)

          33      Documents relating to Pastors of Piqua Baptist Church:

[1] Three lists of pastors who have served Piqua Baptist Church – one list ends in 1992; a second list ends in 2004; the final list ends in 2011

[2] Document from the Pulpit Search Committee introducing Rev. Don Wells to the congregation of Piqua Baptist Church.

[3] Letter introducing Rev. Dr. Charles Wilkins and his wife, Carolyn, as the interim pastor.

[4] Piqua Daily Call article dated February 20, 2014 about decorating changes Pastor Wilkins is making to the hallway in the educational wing of Piqua Baptist Church

[5] Piqua Daily Call article dated July 9, 2014 announcing Rev. Charles Wilkins has been named the Senior Pastor at Piqua Baptist Church.

          34      Other documents relating to Piqua Baptist Church history:

[1] Piqua Daily Call article dated October 29, 1976, “Baptists have final service in present structure (500 Broadway)

[2] Piqua Daily Call article dated September 28, 1979, “Piqua Baptists to lay cornerstone.”  The article includes a photograph of the following 9 people gathered around the cornerstone:  (front row) Mrs. Floyd “Pat” Wenrick, Charles Black; (second row) Pastor Terry McKenzie, Roddy Robbins, Bill Trockenbrod, Louis Sullenberger; (third row) Dick Haynes, Lewis Birman; Dan Beaver.

[3] Piqua Daily Call article dated November 13, 1992, “Piqua Baptist Church readies for mortgage burning”

[4] Piqua Daily Call article dated October 2005, “Piqua Baptist Church readies for homecoming and anniversary – the anniversary was 25 years in the new sanctuary.

[5] First draft of an article for the Piqua Daily Call entitled “ From Roger Williams to Piqua . . with history along the way . . the Piqua Baptist Church”

[6] Piqua Daily Call articles dated November 6, 2008 and November 13, 2008 – a two part article in the Religion section of the paper.  Part 1 is entitled, “From Roger Williams to Piqua, the Piqua Baptist Church.”  Part 2 is entitled, “The modern era, growth and relocation of Piqua Baptist.”

[7] Letter dated March 21, 2011 from Charles E. Black to Susan Hartley, Executive Editor, Piqua Daily Call, asking for coverage of the Bicentennial of Baptists in Piqua Celebration


SERIES III:         Piqua Baptist Church fund raising and Building Council Committees for the construction of a church at 1402 West High Street, Piqua, Ohio





          35      Documents and a brochure relating to the 1968 fund raising drive to build a church at 1402 West High Street.

          36      Documents, building committee roster, building fund reports, floor plans dating 1976-1978 for phase one and phase 2 of the construction of Piqua Baptist Church at 1402 West High Street.

          37      Letter and two brochures for the 1983 fund raising campaign to pay off the loan to build the Church at 1402 West High Street.


SERIES IV:         Piqua Baptist Church Bicentennial Celebration





          38      Chuck Black – Chairman of the Planning Committee for the Bicentennial Celebration – documents and notes used during the planning meetings.

          39      Copies of historical documents to be used by the planning committee.

          40      Communications with former pastors and associates inviting them to attend and be part of the bicentennial celebration.

          41      Documents and notes relating to the M. P. Moller pipe organ at Piqua Baptist Church.

          42      Articles about the church music program:  list of Believers Choir members from c. 1970; 2008 Church Choir Concert at Piqua Public Library; 2011 Piqua Civic Band Concert with the PBC Church Choir; and the PBC Choir cantata, Hope, performed December 2011.

          43      2010 church officers and reports – 2011 budget and church officers

          44      Proclamation signed by William D. Vogt, Vice Mayor of the City of Piqua declaring August 30, 2011 as “Piqua Baptist Two Hundredth Anniversary Day.” – this is a copy of the proclamation.


SERIES V: Piqua Baptist Church Bulletins and Brochures





          45      Bulletins

[1] November 7, 1976 – “The Piqua Baptist Church Celebrates First Services at 1402 W. High Street.”

[2] November 20, 1977

[3] January 7, 1979 – Bus Sunday

[4] November 9, 1986 – Anniversary Services

[5] December 2, 1990

[6] December 9, 1990

          46      Bulletins 2010

[1] February 4, 2010

[2] August 29, 2010

[3] September 12, 2010

[4] November 7, 2010

[5] November 14, 2010

[6] November 21, 2010

          47      Bulletins 2011

[1] January 9, 2011

[2] January 16, 2011

[3] January 23, 2011

[4] February 6, 2011

[5] February 13, 2011

[6] February 20, 2011

[7] February 27, 2011

[8] March 20, 2011

[9] March 27, 2011

[10] April 17, 2011

[11] June 5, 2011

[12] July 10, 2011

[13] July 17, 2011

[14] July 24, 2011

[15] July 31, 2011

[16] August 7, 2011

[17] August 21, 2011 (partial)

[18] August 28, 2011

[19] November 13, 2011

          48      Bulletins 2012

[1] April 8, 2012 – Sunrise Service

[2] April 8, 2012

[3] April 15, 2012

[4] April 29, 2012

[5] June 3, 2012

[6] June 10, 2012

[7] December 9, 2012

          49      Bulletins 2013

[1] June 16, 2013

[2] June 23, 2013 – Piqua Baptist Church Organ Concert

[3] September 8, 2013

[4] October 27, 2013

[5] November 3, 2013

[6] November 17, 2013

[7] November 24, 2013

[8] December 22, 2013

          50      Bulletins 2014

[1] February 2, 2014

[2] August 31, 2014

[3] October 19, 2014

          51      Piqua Baptist Church Directory

[1] 2008 Directory

[2] 2009 Directory

[3] 2013 Directory

          52      The Hilltop Beacon – September 2005 – newsletter

          53      Piqua Baptist Church Annual Reports

[1] 2004 Report

[2] 2009 Report

[3] 2010 Report

[4] 2011 Report

[5] 2012 Report

[6] 2013 Report

          54      Piqua Baptist Church Constitution, Bylaws, Policies and Statement of Faith

[1] Moral Conduct Policy for Piqua Baptist Church – adopted February 16, 2011

[2] We Believe – statement of faith – revised November 2009

[3] Piqua Baptist Church Constitution & Bylaws – 2008 Edition (2 copies)

[4] Piqua Baptist Church Statement of Faith and Constitution – final draft October 9, 2014 (2 copies)

          55      Piqua Baptist Church brochures given to visitors and distributed at Church Fairs and in other places:

[1] “You’re Invited”

[2] Piqua Baptist Church, Piqua, Ohio – “The Church on the Hill with Piqua on It’s Heart”

[3] Piqua Baptist Church – “To live out loud the life changing love of God, as revealed by Jesus Christ” – c. 2013

          56      Piqua Baptist Church Calendar 2014

          57      Piqua Baptist Church photographic directory – 2011

          58      “In God’s Service 42 Years Pastor Donald R. Wells, 1971 to 2013” – a booklet produced for the retirement of Pastor Don Wells (2 copies)

          59      A packet of materials produced for use by the Pastoral Search Committee in seeking first an interim pastor to replace Rev. Don Wells and second to find and secure a permanent senior pastor to replace Rev. Don Wells.  The packet includes the following:

[1] List of the members of the Pastoral Search Committee

[2] A Covenant of Ministry Between the Congregation and the Senior Pastor (a blank form)

[3] Pastoral Search Update – stating the process to be followed (2 copies)

[4] Miami County, Ohio 2013 Visitors Guide produced by the Miami County Visitors and Convention Bureau

[5] Live, Work, Play Piqua, Together We Grow produced by the Piqua Area Chamber of Commerce – c. 2013

[6] The above materials are housed in a white with blue and red Piqua Baptist Church pocket folder.

          60      Piqua Baptist “In-Between Class” Sunday School Class materials

          61      Piqua Baptist Church Women’s Ministries

[1] 1994-1995 American Baptist Women’s Ministries Piqua Baptist Church – a booklet

[2] Women’s Ministries, “Heart to Heart, Loving God & Loving Others” – 2012


SERIES VI:         Charles and Belva Black Personal Papers and Documents





          62      Thank you cards and two Christmas letters to the family from Chuck and Belva

          63      Piqua Baptist Church Memories by Belva J. Black and Belva’s Special Poem: “The Legend of the Raindrop” by Helen Steiner Rice

          64      Written memories and notes on his life by Charles E. Black

          65      Bulletin from Hope Community Church – the church attended by John and Lucinda Black – John Black son of Church and Belva Black.

          66      Aeroproducts Reunion – name and address file – September 2001

          67      McGillvary Family Reunion documents.

          68      Bumper sticker – “I’m Christian and I Vote”


SERIES VII:        Miscellaneous





          69      9/11 A Day of Honor:  Piqua Remembers 10 Years Later, September 11, 2001 – Hance Pavilion at Fountain Park – program

          70      Materials used in honoring veterans in Piqua Baptist Church – also materials explaining the crosses in the narthex wall honoring Gary Douglas Jackson and Michael Jaqua

          71      Programs for the 2012 and 2013 Western Baptist Association Discipleship Banquets

          72      Kiwanis Club materials relating to churches:

[1] Welcome: A Directory of Churches and the Synagogue of Piqua, 2013 – courtesy of the Kiwanis Club of Piqua

[2] Kiwanis Club Church Worker of the Year Nomination Form 1999 filled out in the name of Mrs. Marvin (Edith) Karnehm

[3] Piqua Daily Call article published July 22, 2010, “Kiwanis hear history of Bible publishing” a presentation by Rev. Don Wells.

          73      Piqua Daily Call, August 28, 2005 – “Spring Creek Baptist Church to celebrate anniversary

          74      Bible study notes

          75      Letter and poems from Rev. George Smith

          76      Notes for the production of the church history DVD’s – the notes are copies of hand written instructions by Chuck Black to WOTVC who produced the DVD’s from VHS videos.

          77      Special programs of the church

[1] New Members Banquet, January 20, 2001

[2] Holy Humor Sunday, April 19, 2009

[3] Young At Heart dinners and “The Spaghetti Song”

          78      Miscellaneous programs and bulletins:

[1] Memorial service program for Mrs. Lois (Agnew) Smith, wife of Rev. George Smith, born 1933, reborn 1943, died 2011.

[2] Invitation to the last service of Pastor T. Edward Holland at the First Baptist Church of Akron as the result of his retirement.

[3] Bulletin – January 16, 2011 – First Baptist Church, Akron, Ohio, the last service of Pastor Ed Holland before his retirement.

[4] Bulletin – April 29, 2012 – Kanto Plains Baptist Church located at 2-10-7 Futaba-cho, Hamura-shi, Tokyo, Japan – the bulletin is printed in both English and Japanese

          79      Article copied from The Ancient Baptist Journal, vol. 3, issue 3, Winter 2011 – the article is “Staunton Baptist Church: The Pioneer Baptists of the Miami Valley, Ohio,” by Patrick D. Kennedy (director of the Troy History Library).

          80      Special Armed Forces Edition, The Book of John: An accounting of the ministry of Jesus Christ as recorded by the Apostle John.  Printed by God’s Word to the Nations Mission Society, Orange Park, Florida

          81      “On a Mission from God” – DVD of a going away service for both Pastor Don Wells and Associate Daniel Helms, June 16, 2013

          82      DVD – The Construction of Piqua Baptist Church, 1980 – photos by Robert Pottorf

          83      DVD – Piqua Baptist Church, Palm Sunday Service, 2011

          84      DVD – Piqua Baptist History @ Easter 2011 & Tour of Church History at the 200th Celebration, August 2011