Piqua Public Library Used Bookstore

Piqua Public Library Used Bookstore

The Piqua Public Library has an ongoing used book sale on the first floor of the Fort Piqua Plaza. The area which houses the bookstore thought to have been the check-in counter of the hotel. This would have been during the building’s days as the Favorite Hotel after the 1914 remodel.

Photograph of the Piqua Public Library Bookstore. The bookstore is in what was the check in counter when the building was a hotel. The counter is a dark green marble and book shelves are visible in the background.

The bookstore includes books from the Library’s own collection, as well as donated books. The bookstore has both fiction and non-fiction books for sale. Topics range from World War II history to fantasy novels to collectible books. Prices range from 20¢ for a children’s classic like The Babysitter’s Club to $1.00 for a hardback mystery novel. Collectible books can cost $2 up to $7 or more for a set of books. Magazines are also for sale in the bookstore, they have no set price but donations are accepted.

Photograph of a bookshelf in the used bookstore. The books are old collectible books with red, orange, yellow and green covers.

These are some of the treasures that may be in the Piqua Library Used Bookstore at any given time.

Photograph of a long row of bookshelves in the Piqua Library bookstore. The books are nonfiction and cover a variety of topics from cookbooks to travel to antiques.

Non-Fiction - Hardback and Paperback Selections

  • Cookbooks
  • Crafts
  • Geology
  • Health
  • History
  • Holidays
  • Religion
  • Relationships
  • Short Story Collections

Photograph of two bookshelves on wheels in the Piqua Library bookstore. The books are novels in the mystery, Christian fiction, and teen/young adult genres.

Fiction - Hardback and Paperback Selections

  • Book Club Selections
  • Christian Fiction
  • Collectible Books + Book Sets
  • Fantasy
  • Large Print
  • Mystery
  • Teen
  • Science Fiction

The Piqua Library Used Bookstore is open during the Library's regular hours. Patrons may make their purchases through the Circulation Desk on the first floor.