The Youth Conservation Corps Collection was added to the Flesh Public Library Archives in December, 2005.  It contains three boxes with 55 files, 9 booklets, 1 notebook, 1 plaque, 7 cases of YCC 1979 slides, and a box of slides, no date.  The material is from years 1975-1983.  There are no restrictions on the use of this collection.




The Youth Conservation Corps Collection includes information and artifacts from the YCC camp located at Lockington, Ohio, from the years 1975-1983.  The files are organized by year.




            The Youth Conservation Corps program was funded by the federal government (75%) and local government (25%).  State and local agencies also gave technical support.  The program was open to both men and women between the ages of fifteen and eighteen.  Its purposes were to (1) provide gainful employment for America’s youth in a healthful outdoor atmosphere, (2) provide an opportunity for understanding and appreciation of the Nation’s natural environment and heritage, and (3) provide for further development and maintenance of the natural resources of the United States by the youth who will ultimately be responsible for managing these resources for the American people.


            A basic philosophy of “work, learn, and earn”  served as the motto for the YCC program in Ohio.  High school students were selected upon completing applications which were obtained from teachers and/or guidance counselors.


            In Miami County, the YCC operated Camp Lockington.  In 1978 the camp director was J. Pat Garland.  Work Coordinator was Ken Davis.  The Environmental Education Instructor was Keith Roeth.  Crew Leaders were Dan Hoying and Luanne LaRue.  39 campers comprised the work crew.


            The following is a list of accomplishments that the YCC achieved:


  1. Cleaned and weeded a portion of the canal at Port Jefferson.
  2. Trimmed and pruned trees at the Community Gardens area in Sidney.
  3. Helped set up the Riverfest ’78, ran a YCC booth, and cleaned up afterwards.
  4. Painted bridges at Watkins Glenn across from the Sidney Boat Club.
  5. Installed park benches in Sidney.
  6. Trail maintenance at Camp Evergreen.
  7. Trail and canal maintenance at Camp Wakonda.
  8. Weeded and policed the canals at Lockington.
  9. Construction and placement of guardrails at Lockington Dam.
  10. Constructed outdoor grills in Lockington Park and repainted basketball court.
  11. Worked on the Twin Arch Culvert.
  12. Trail maintenance on inter-urban nature trail.
  13. Worked on trails from Lock #6 in Lockington to Johnston’s Farm.
  14. Painted the parking lot, built trails, and mowed weeds at canal boat rides area at Johnston Farm.
  15. Worked in Piqua’s city parks.
  16. Worked on trails and canoe landings on island no. 1 in Troy
  17. Cleaned part of the old channel in Troy.
  18. Painted the fronts of the Eldean Covered Bridge in Troy.
  19. Finished a shelter and helped to restore a lob cabin at Brukner Nature Center.
  20. Cleaned and maintained the New Park Canoe landing in Tipp City.
  21. Hung signs for canoeists on bridges throughout Miami County.
  22. Constructed and placed wood duck boxes throughout the two county area.
  23. Painted artesian wells at Port Jefferson.
  24. Cleaned up at the 1888 Water Works building in Sidney.
  25. Worked at Shelby County Fairgrounds.




Box 1


File 1 – Site data sheets 1975: Kirkwood Rd; Lockington Rd.; Landman Mill Rd; Route 66

File 2 – 1977

  1. Sites locations, starting at Lockington, Ohio.
  2. Agreement with Miami County and Ohio Natural Resources.
  3. Evaluation Reports.
  4. Students enrolled – Camp Lockington – names.
  5. River Corridor Project
  6. Pictures
  7. Projects

File 3 – 1977

A & B – bills & receipts

File 4 – 1978  

  1. Modification of Agreement between Shelby County and Ohio Natural Resources
  2. Bills & Receipts
  3. Camp Handbook
  4. List of student names & test papers.

File 5 – 1980  

  1. Value of work performed
  2. Types of projects
  3. Amended Act – students not have to do as much paper

File 6 – 1981  

  1. Student medical releases

File 7 – 1983

  1. Historical Map: Miami & Shelby Co.
  2. Lockington Lodge

File 8 – Pictures

  1. River Corridor
  2. Loramie Creek – 73

File 9 – 1978

  1. YCC slides, Great Miami River Corridor

File 10 – 1980

  1. YCC slides, MRC committee collection

File 11 – 1978-80       

  1. some slides




            1976 – Conservation Corps in Ohio

            1977 – Camp Lockington

            1977 – Forest Management Cruise

            1977 – Soils-Shelby County

            1978 – Soil Survey-Miami County

            1978 – Camp Lockington

            1978 – Water Conservation Treatment Plant

            1979 – YCC in Ohio-US YCC

            1971-1979 – Working for the Earth-YCC in Ohio


Notebooks – n.d.


            Permanent camp copy




            Lucia Hobart Bravo Service Awards





            YCC 1979 – 7 cases

            Box – n.d.


Box 2




            File 1 – Completed daily forms

            File 2 – Equipment used – (In-kind contributions)

            File 3 – Weekly Summary

            File 4 – Personnel Services Worksheets

            File 5 – Materials Worksheets

            File 6 – Personnel Services




            File 7 – YCC unpaid bills

            File 8 – Camp Lockington – 1st & 2nd sessions – names & addresses

            File 9 – YCC – Grant, Lockington

            File 10 – Work Projects, schedules & contact people

            File 11 – Miscellaneous Info

            File 12 – Personnel files of following campers:


Adams, Jeff

Long, Mark

Williams, Becky

Ballard, Don

McCrossin, Edward

Alstaetter, Beth

Berry, Kent

McGillvary, Randall

Anderson, Leslie

Bond, Mike

Martin, Jeff

Berning, Michelle

Caulfield, Mark

Martin, Tim

Boersma, David

Eilerman, Sharon

Monnin, Sandy

Brant, Ronald

Fair, Jace

Muir, Earla

Caldwell, Dan

Garrett, Wayne

Sirch, Tyrone

Carnes, Scott

Hartley, Paul

Welker, Lisa

Conley, Bill

Henman, Dennis

Wildenhaus, Chris

Crist, Patty

Jones, Mark

Bond, Bernadette

Dismukes, Kurt

King, Mike

Heber, Chuck

Echhols, Randy

Fair, Jo

Fogt, Kim

Freeman, Sallly

Hasselbeck, Mary

Hassler, Gregory

Henss, Blake

Jacoby, Randy

Jarrett, Mark

Jones, Aaron

Jones, David

Little, Brian

Lukey, Julianna

McDonald, Teresa

Masteller, Lisa

Mathis, Marty

Merritt, Tawnya

Neth, Tammy

Peddemors, Jon

Raterman, Cindy

Reed, Charles E.

Renner, Allen

Smith, Rex

Spearman, Tom

Staley, Joe

Stubbs, Dan E.

Voisard, Brenda

White, Greg

Wolfe, Jeffrey






            File 13 – YCC Ledger

            File 14 – Paid bills – Attendance Records

            File 15 – Staff Résumé’s

            File 16 – Incoming Correspondence

            File 17 – YCC Correspondence

            File 18 – Yearbook Info-Pictures

            File 19 – Personnel Files of following campers:


Allen, Mike

Duckro, Matt

Stephens, Lloyd

Ault, Jeanette

Ellsman, Janice

Stone, Sherry

Brandstra, Esther

Freeman, Bob

Supinger, Betty

Barhorst, Curt

Goings, Wayne

Thompson, Deborah

Baumer, Jim

Jenkins, Dave

Ware, Kelly

Bayless, Peg

Neth, Tammy

Wells, Angela

Beavers, Scott

Peddemors, Jon

Wynia, Sharon

Boggs, Vearl

Schaefer, Kim


Brandt, John

Sherman, Kevin


Daniel, David

Shiflett, Scott


Davis, Durward

Stangel, Bruce



Box 3




            File 1 – 2nd Session – Daily Sheets completed

            File 2 – 1st Session – Daily Sheets completed

            File 3 – Projects – Summaries – Lockington

            File 4 – YCC cash receipts (Miami, Shelby, Lockington)

            File 5 – Personnel Files – campers:


Foster, Terry

Kuck, Craig

Penny, Tonia

Fishbaugh, Jane

Long, Curt

Robbins, Susan

Freshour, David

McKinley, V. Bruce

Rodeheffer, Jeff

Fries, Teresa

McMartin, Shirley

Schaffner, John

Gifford, Doug

Markley, Richard

Schaffner, Lyndy

Hammer, Randy

Monnin, Alan

Schmidt, Lori

Hauschild, Brenda

Monnin, Andy


Hauschild, Scott

Newbold, Willie





            File 6 – YCC Project Reports (copies sent to Columbus)

            File 7 -  Daily Reports – 2nd Session

            File 8 – work records, materials & equipment

            File 9 – lease on vans for YCC program

            File 10 -YCC camper payroll, attendance, staff

            File 11 -YCC correspondence

            File 12 - Environmental Education

            File 13 - Miami County Auditor’s Records

            File 14 - Miami County Auditor’s Vouchers

            File 15 - Budget Appropriations

            File 16 - Staff Payroll

            File 17 - List of Contributions

            File 18 - YCC Incoming Correspondence

            File 19 –Resolutions & Agreements

            File 20 - Senior Camper Letters of Appreciation

            File 21 – YCC camper confirmation

            File 22 – Original YCC forms

            File 23 – Bi-weekly Attendance Sheets – 1st & 2nd Sessions

            File 24 – Personnel Files – Campers (per city)


Jackson Center

Piqua, cont’d.

Jarrett, Dan R

Schilling, Rodney B.

Wynia, Sharon K.

Locker, Aaron F.


Port Jefferson

Worthington, Michael


Jones, Don W.


Robbins, P. Karen



Robbins, Sue


Miller, John E.


Elsas, David J.



Magoto, Judy A.


Merritt, Sonya R.

Mangen, Allen J.

Smith, Brenda G.


Monnin, Lisa M.



Philpot, Susan


Adams, Jon L.

Seger, Kelly A.

Fast, Lori

Ault, Rob A.

Sturwold, Wilbur J.

Girouard, Michael J.

Burger, Candy K.

Voisard, Deanna L.

Richard, Ronald S.

Hauschild, Mike T.


Webb, Kevin R.

Freeman, M. Angie



Reed, Jerry A.

Heber, Dianna M.

     Fort Loramie

Rohr, Glenna L.

Hughes, Terry B.

Barhorst, Lisa M.

Selle, William V.

Johnston, Deron W.


Sherman, Kathy A.

Long, Sharon M.


Vestal, Jess W.

Hammer, Jill E.


MS - 139

Box 3




File 24 cont’d.


Sidney cont’d.


Sanders, Tony R.

Sturgill, Melissa K.

Wilson, Rick R.




Freshwater, Melinda L.




Armstrong, David L.

Bensman, Sheila A.

Den, Paul A.


West Milton


Markley, Richard (Chip)

Renner, Christine A.


No Date


File 25 – Pictures (19)