Community Poem: Giving Thanks

Community Poem: Giving Thanks

In November of 2019, the Piqua Public Library invited our patrons to write a community poem. Everyone who participated wrote a sentence, ten words or less, about what gratitude and Thanksgiving mean to them. We turned their submissions into a community poem about gratitude. 


Community Poem: Giving Thanks Graphic


Community Poem: Giving Thanks

Gratitude: the quality of being thankful.
To me, gratitude means being thankful, for everything, for living
And to show kindness to anyone and to be better to oneself.
Live with radiant kindness.

Understanding that what you have in life is extremely special.
Coming home to a warm house and food,
Great public schools
Teachers striving despite the stressors.
Being humble to everything that we in America have,
People may say it is thankful, but really it's more.

Thankfulness to others for their acts of kindness.
Thankful for good
Thankful for fun
Thankful for God
Thankful for everyone.
Worship services in many denominations,
Being thankful to God for everything I have.
Being thankful for what you DO have and forgetting what you don't.

Gratitude means giving back to those that help you.
Showing appreciation when someone does something they didn't need to.
Being thankful for what you have and to appreciate it.
Being able to talk to you all the time.

Appreciation for friends and family defines gratitude for me.
Our family tight, packed in and flowing over...
50 years old and still at the “kids’ table,”
But I look around and am so thankful 
That enough family can be with us to require a “kids’ table.”
I am so thankful for my family that's gone before me 
For making all the riches I enjoy, possible today. 
As I look back over my genealogy, 
I realize how they must have suffered hardship and hard work.

Growing up -- missing pieces of that perfect family ideal,
The definition of gratitude through my eyes 
Has become being thankful for who stuck around.
Though family doesn't necessarily mean familiarity, 
This time brings conversation. 
Appreciating every good thing that surrounds me.
To show thankfulness for any things given to you.
Thankful to be able to create dreams and pursue them.

Gratitude means to be thankful, grateful, and appreciative.
Being grateful and thankful for the life you live,
All I've accomplished and go onto achieve.
To show the appreciation and love you have towards someone.
But without my best friends, what does gratitude really mean?
Buddy, you did me a solid. I owe you one.

My heart-thankful, happy and full,
Truly blessed, thank you all.


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Community Poem!