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Early Black Communities in Southwest Ohio

There were many Black communities in Southwest Ohio in the 1800s. Some are where the Randolph Freedpeople settled after their land in Mercer County was stolen. Others were communities of free Black Americans. Unfortunately, few of these villages survive today. Some became part of larger towns. Most disappeared as their residents moved away.

Digital Storytime

Our Children's Department staff miss seeing everyone for storytime and other fun programs at the Piqua Public Library. While we cannot hold in-person programs right now, we have many digital storytime programs on our YouTube channel. Click on the images below to see the playlist for each program.

Podcasts for Black History Month

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We have a collection of podcasts for you that explore Black history, Black leaders, the Civil Rights movement, and much more. Learning about our past can help us to understand the present better. 


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The Randolph Freedpeople

In the late spring of 1833, 400 people were freed from slavery, but only in writing. The former slaves of John Randolph would have to wait thirteen years for their freedom. Randolph, of the Roanoke Plantation in Virginia, freed his slaves in his will. His family contested his will and fought for over a decade to keep the former slaves as their property.

From Pincushions to Piqua: The Story of The Wilson Family Steiff Collection

Mrs. Jean Wilson Reed passed away on January 2, 2021, at the age of 92. She was a dedicated volunteer in our community. This story is in memory of her and begins by donating her collection of Steiff toys to the Piqua Public Library. The tale includes the history of the Steiff toy company and a little bit of Piqua’s history.

A Time to Pause, Reflect, and Process

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Piqua Public Library Holiday Display 2020 "The Nutcracker"

Book Life: Cookbooks I Wish Someone Would Write (Based On TV Shows)

Guest Blog Post by Courtney Denning

I love a well-written, well-photographed cookbook. If it is a little quirky and based on a beloved television show or character, all the better.

Piqua Postcard Puzzles

Every Thursday we’re sharing a historical postcard from Piqua’s past. Using Jigsaw Explorer, we’ve created digital puzzles out of these postcards. Check them out and enjoy them for your Throwback Thursday!

Piqua Historical Postcard Canal Boat

Let's Get Started

Piqua Public Library staff are reading the first chapter of many of our Book Club books. We have large quantities of these books, which can be checked out individually or as sets.

Let's Get Started

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton, read by Library Secretary, Beth